List of Trustees

Andreas Barth (FIZ Karlsruhe) Chairman
Grace Baysinger (Stanford University)
Martin Braendle (ETH Zurich)
Rene Deplanque (Personal Trustee)
Geoff Downs (Digital Chemistry)
Jonathan Goodman (University of Cambridge)
Guenter Grethe (Consultant)
Steve Heller (Consultant)
Guido Herrmann (Thieme Chemistry)
John Holliday (University of Sheffield)
Bonnie Lawlor (NFAIS) Secretary
Xiaoxia Li (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Peter Loew (InfoChem)
Phil McHale (Consultant)
Peter Rusch (Consultant)
Irina Sens (TIB Hannover)
Bob Stembridge (Thomson Reuters IP & Science, Treasurer
Wendy Warr (Wendy Warr & Associates), ex officio
Dave Wild (Indiana University)
Dave Winkler (CSIRO)

The CSAT Newsletter, published (usually) 3 times per year, contains a variety of information of interest to the chemical information community. Newsletter items are published by the Chemical Strusture Association Trust.