Call for Papers: Seventh Joint Sheffield Conference on Chemonformatics

The Chemical Structure Association Trust and the Molecular Graphics and Modelling Society announce their Seventh Joint Sheffield Conference on Chemoinformatics.  The conference will be held at the University of Sheffield, UK from 4th-6th July 2016.

Offers of papers are welcomed on new developments in all aspects of chemoinformatics.  Possible topics include (but are not limited to):

  •  Virtual Screening, e.g., docking, pharmacophore analysis, similarity and clustering methods, machine learning
  •  Computational methods for lead identification and optimisation, e.g., modelling and structure-activity methods, ADMET prediction, de novo design, linking biological and chemical datasets
  •  New algorithms and technologies for, e.g., distributed processing, cloud computing, open source chemoinformatics software, visualization
  •  Emerging applications, e.g., , chemical networks and activity cliffs, drug re-purposing, the Semantic Web, and chemical text mining.
  •  Case histories, incorporating practical experience of any of the above

The programme will have space for ca. two dozen oral presentations, and there will also be extensive opportunities for poster presentations.  Authors wishing to submit a paper should complete the template provided at, stating whether they wish to be considered for oral or for poster presentation.  The deadline for abstract submission is 29th January 2016.

Submissions will be selected for oral or poster presentation by the Programme Committee, with notification of acceptance by 29th February 2016.  In selecting papers for oral presentation, the Committee will seek to achieve a balance between the various areas of the subject and between new methodologies and successful applications of existing techniques.

Further details of the conference, including registration information and opportunities for sponsorship and participation in the conference exhibition, will be posted as they become available on the conference website at

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